Lawn Irrigation controller

We took out an old controller and replaced it with a wireless device.

This uses a wi-fi connection with a full-control smartphone app. Our yard has 16 stations that can be individually controlled via the app. Each station can be separated or combined in the schedule.

The controller gathers weather information from local sites and will not water if either it will rain or the ground is too wet.

We have used this controller for 3 years and easily can recommend.



Around the house, there are many devices that may benefit from Smarthome technology such as a smartplug.

Lights inside and out are good candidates for control. For example, Christmas lights attached to the gutter, that additionally can be LED’s and change color.

Fountains are another device that be controlled and put on a schedule to run while you are awake.

TP-Link makes a very nice smartplug for around $20, that uses a smartphone app from Kasa. Wyze also makes similar plugs.